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Motherhood and Style

You are one of the busiest mums that I know! You run a successful company and have just launched another one while having 2 boys under 5! The million pound question is how are you able to balance your career and motherhood?
Trying to find the perfect balance running two businesses, being a wife and looking after 2 children under 5 is incredibly hard work. I am very lucky to have family really close by, really GREAT friends who often help me out, a cleaner who comes in once a week and now an au pair. Although I seem to have lots of help I am always conscious that I have to be there for my children while they are growing up. I give my children their breakfast every morning, get them dressed and take them to school or nursery before I go to work. I am home mostly every evening to do their homework and give them a bath before bed. I rarely miss any school events (unless I forget). I cook, do the laundry, grocery shop like any other parent would, BUT it unfortunately means I have very little time for myself. 

How do you think that motherhood has changed you?
I wish I could say it has chilled me out, but actually I think it may have had the opposite effect. I am a lot more focused, definitely a lot more emotional, more conscious and sensible. My whole outlook on life has changed; what I used to find so important just isn’t anymore. 

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Uhhhmmm yeah! I don’t believe anyone who says they don’t. Mine mainly revolves around food and alcohol however… as well 90’s hip hop and R&B.

Having 2 young boys what are the most important values you hope to pass on to them?
The most important value I want to pass onto my boys is respect, treat someone how you would want to be treated back. Always be polite, but always be confident and strong (without being arrogant).

Does switching roles between motherhood and a career in the music industry daily affect your style?
Not at all, the music biz is very casual. Majority of the time I am in jeans which suits motherhood, comfy and casual. The only thing I need to worry about is that I don’t have a Minion sticker attached to my back when I go to meetings.

The “Mother” jumper is very important to you. Can you tell us more about it?
My very old school friend Leah Wood posted something on her Instagram and I loved the jumper and what it stood for. I then found out that an old stylist I used to work with when I was doing fashion PR was the person behind it. Molly Gunn used to work for The Guardian when I knew her and she now runs a brilliant Blogzine called Selfish Mother. Every mother should buy one of these jumpers or t-shirts as the profits from the sales go to help disadvantaged women around the globe. It’s hard enough being a mother when you have access and can afford most things you need, imagine raising a family in war torn countries where you can’t even feed your own children. I think I have bought every single style now, even for my boys.

What would find in your handbag if I were to snoop through there?
Hundreds of keys, I have two offices and two sets of parents that I drop my children off at during the week as well as my house keys. So yes lots of keys, toys, and random puzzle pieces, basically whatever my children decide to stuff in there.

When you do have a chance to splurge on a wardrobe item what would that usually be?
I would only really spend money on shoes, you can’t beat a good pair of shoes. I have very small feet (size 3.5) so usually only the designer brands will carry beautiful shoes in my size. However, although I have in the past spent a fortune on a pair of “Loubies”, I can also buy children shoes for everyday wear. So everything from my ballet pumps to Nike trainers are usually from the kids department.


What is your skincare routine?
For the fist time this year I became super conscious of the products I use. I think its because I am now closer to 40 rather than 30. I have just started using Neal’s Yard products which are amazing. I also use Simple wipes first, then use the frankincense serum and cream. I have noticed it has made a huge difference to my skin.

What is your daily makeup ritual?
I have the simplest daily make up ritual, for a start I rarely wear make-up as I never have time. When I do wear make up, 90% of the time it is applied while in the car so the application needs to be uncomplicated. All I need is foundation, highlighter, blush and mascara and if I am going all out then eyeliner and lipstick.

What beauty product you can’t live without?
Tweezers and eye lash curler.

I know you like to workout! What do you do to break a sweat?
When I have time to actually use the gym rather than just take my boys to their swimming class, I do a body pump class. I have just stared doing a class called ’Jump’ where you basically do aerobics on mini trampolines. Its’s hugely fun, but also the hardest workout I have ever done.

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by Angela Lo (Photography by Marlene Lee)
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