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When you look back to your days as a big career woman do you miss the days of the corporate world?
Absolutely, yes. I do miss the pace of my former job at times: the buzz and excitement of opening new Apple Stores in different countries, new product launches, being in NYC for the launch of the very first iPhone etc. Apple was an amazing company to be part of and I was lucky to work on incredible products with incredible people. 

You launched your new company while you were pregnant with baby number 2! What is one trick you have for balancing your career and being a hands on mum of 2 young children?
Being laid-back and focusing on the things that really matter. Prioritising is key.

What would you say is your biggest change since becoming a mother?
When my eldest child was 5 months old my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This single event, more than anything, changed my life overnight. It immediately made me reevaluate my priorities and what really mattered in life, and that my family had to come first over anything. It has made me more laidback today, and I try not to get stressed or bogged down with silly little things. It has also made me more driven and determined to make the most of life too.

Your husband is a very busy man! How does he fit into your childcare routine?
At the weekends it’s very much a team effort and in the week when his schedule fits, my husband is on breakfast duty and bedtime reading with our son.

Is there a special family tradition that you and your husband want to pass on to your children?
We try to sit down for a traditional roast meal together every Sunday. Through the week we don’t all get to sit together for meals so this is an important traditional for us.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Reading trashy novels before bed. I’m always thinking so it makes me switch off and go to sleep.
Chocolate ice cream. My favourite is Green and Blacks.
Having my hair done at Richard Ward. I love my hairdressers there (Cristiano & Adam) although I don’t go too often as it’s not cheap!

What are your 3 pet peeves?
I could only think of 2 of any importance to me: people not saying please or thank you and people being rude (my mum always taught me that you should treat people the way that you want to be treated yourself).

What outfit would we normally find you in? Do you have a mummy uniform or staples you live in?
I have about 5 minutes every morning to get dressed so having a ‘uniform’ helps. For me that’s a pair of J brand or Topshop jeans with a shirt/jumper or a loose dress and pair of Converse trainers or biker/Chelsea boots. Always a good coat or jacket, it makes an outfit and often the main item everybody sees me in. I have so many coats and jackets! My current favourite jacket is a Burberry mac and I’ve also just bought a great winter coat from M&S. I also have to have a pair of sunglasses, especially if it’s a no makeup day. The key for me when dressing is comfort whilst attempting to look good/stylish at the same time. My heels are saved for nights out!

What would find in your handbag if I were to snoop through there?
Water wipes for my baby girl and son (and me!), purse, sunglasses, Chantecaille lip gloss, keys, iPhone, pen, hair bobble, baby girl’s hair clip.

If you could splurge on any fashion item what would it be?
Shoes or a handbag any day!

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
Alexander McQueen jacket that my mum bought me.

What is your skincare routine?
Moisturising is key and I use La Roche Posay products for everything from face wash to toner to moisturiser. The only exception is at night when I use non branded coconut oil (beauty secret number one) on my face. I also make sure that at least two days a week I wear nothing but moisturiser on my face (so absolutely no makeup). This is beauty secret number two!

What is your daily makeup ritual?
If I do wear makeup I wear Chantecaille tinted moisturiser and illuminator, Bobbi Brown concealer for under eyes, a bit of Bobbi Brown or Mac bronzer, Chantecaille pebble blusher, Chantecaille mascara & Chantecaille lip gloss. Once I find a brand I like I stick to it.

Beauty product you can’t live without?
Definitely moisturiser! 


by Angela Lo (Photography by Marlene Lee)
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