Laura Turner

Your 3 proudest moments?
Im really proud of setting up my own business.
Im proud of every tiny achievement my daughters make from swimming to winning awards at school.
Im proud every time I can asked to do something like this!

What did you discover about motherhood that no one has ever told you?  
That you never experience tiredness like it. How you will spend most of the day bent over picking things up off the floor. How absolutely physically and mentally draining it can be yet in a split second, they can make you melt.

Maintaining work/family balance. How do you deal with this?
Its hard for anyone but Ive accepted that my work and business is a part of my life and there is never a cut off. I think looking at it holistically means Im not battling with guilt on either side. When Im with the girls I try my best not to be on social media or checking my emails until they have gone to bed. It helps that I love what I do too so it never really seems like work.

I also have a great person working with me - Ailie. She is the cornerstone of my work/life balance. Having Ailie means I can pick my daughters up from school, take time away from the business if I need to and know that Im leaving the business in the best possible hands.

Impressions of Stockbridge

Top 3 pet peeves?
Unnecessary rudeness.
Overuse of exclamation marks!!!
Bad coffee.

Whats the craziest thing youve ever done in your life?
Im not sure Id really describe myself as crazy but getting married 10 weeks after getting engaged seemed pretty crazy at the time.

Your biggest achievement to date?

5 essential items that every woman should have in her wardrobe?
Great pair of jeans.
Cashmere of any description.
A statement handbag.
A white shirt.
Leopard print heels.

How would you describe your style?
Im definitely a classic but love to update my wardrobe every season with key trend pieces that keep my look current.

Whats in your handbag on any given day?
Nars Natalie lipstick.
Connock London hand cream.
My iPhone 6.
Loads of receipts.
Always a notebook and pen.

Whats your everyday outfit?
Always start with a pair of jeans. At the moment, Im loving my black Nike Internationalist trainers so theyre in there too. A cashmere jumper and white shirt finished with my new found love of layering delicate jewellery. Im currently wearing my orange Smythson tote for a pop of colour through these winter days.

Your best buys?
MaxMara parka - over worn but pound per wear, a definite winner.
Prada Saffiano handbag in grey. Timeless investment piece.
H&M breton top. The perfect breton.
Burberry heritage trench. Another classic that will stay in my wardrobe forever.
Louboutin leopard heels

by Marlene Lee
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