Angela Martinez
Combine the temperament of a Sicilian mother, the hard-working mentality of a Galician father and the upbringing in perfectly organized Switzerland, what do you get? A passionate and diligent entrepreneur with an international attitude. That is, Angela. Angela is the founder of Swoon-Mag and has always been passionate about fashion and parenting. As a mother herself of nine-year-old twin girls, she was instrumental in bringing to the Swiss market innovative children's products and continues to build the famous Bugaboo stroller brand in the country as an exclusive distributor. Now Angela wants to continue to inspire other mothers. Through Swoon-Mag, she'd like to share stories of parenthood, career life, holiday tips and products from around the world for a modern and stylish lifestyle. Who says you can't be a mom and still be fashionable?



Marlene Lee
Marlene has roots in Borneo and New Zealand but currently resides in a medieval city outside of London. She has held various roles within the telecommunications industry for 13 years, working mostly with geeky and techno obsessed men so she rebelled by wearing her Manolos and Pradas to the office. These days, she can be found running her own blog and online consignment business specializing in designer bags and accessories; a far more girly pursuit than her previous corporate life. Shes's also mom to a precocious little girl who aspires to be an illustrator and author when she grows up. She can also be found pounding the keyboard furiously on her personal blog or obsessively updating her Instagram account.



Malou Lasquite
With her camera, four-year-old daughter and a very good hand cream in tow, Malou has had a romantic affair with travelling since her first plane ride as a child. When she’s not stretching her limits by juggling project work for her own company, doing the school run and bringing her daughter to extra-curricular activities, she’s assiduously planning her next trip somewhere in the world, of course, with a perfectly packed suitcase of what to wear for her and her little jetsetter. A native of the Philippines, she’s currently based in Switzerland and has lived in six countries in four continents. She writes travel articles and personality interviews for Swoon Mag, as well as documents her musings on her blog



Raffaela Brunner
At 22 years of age, Raffaela is the youngest member of the Swoon Mag team. She currently lives in Lucerne and is also a part time student. Despite a busy schedule, she likes to travel, shop, read and spend time with her horses whenever she has a spare moment. She is also interested in all things related to fashion, beauty and photography. Raffaela is primarily responsible for creating the graphics and publishing the content at Swoon Mag.    



Rhea Leisibach
As Rhea is half Finish, the Nordic roots in her love the minimal design, raw nature and functionalism in architecture. In her earlier years when she had more time for herself, she travelled to all five continents and lived in Australia as well as Germany. Rhea has worked for several magazines such as Zeit Campus, Brigitte, Kid’s Wear and Tush. Eventually, it drew her back to her home country where she is now happily based in Zurich as a full time mother and fashion editor. One of the best inventions in her opinion is the internet. With it, she can still travel the world in pictures 24 hours a day.